Rhyton glitter Gucci leather sneaker
 Designed with a thick sole and bulky construction, the leather sneaker is remindful of the old school hip-hop scene and embodies the '90s influence pervading the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Inspired by the tags decorating retro athletic uniforms, the glitter Gucci game motif enhances the side of the shoe
  lover size:34 -44 with gucci box,dust bag and tag.

Flashtrek sneaker with removable crystals

 Multicolor crystals are embroidered onto a removable elastic strap, wrapping around the sneakers and resulting in a kaleidoscope effect. Inspired by the hiking world, this shoe line combines an oversize design with dream-like details. Featuring a vibrant mix of metallic leathers in different colors, the accessory is defined by the Gucci patch with the graphic font of SEGA – a fixture in the colorful arcades and coin-op game rooms of the '80s.

Ace sneaker with crystals

The retro inspired design of the Ace sneaker is set on a platform rubber sole embellished with rows of crystals.

  • White leather with blue and red Web detail on the sides
  • Women's
  • Crystals trim along the platform
  • Red metallic leather detail on the back of one shoe and blue metallic leather detail on the back of the other shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • Made in Italy